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Hometown Internet Marketing Becomes HometownLocal, Delivering Local Search Marketing Solutions to Home Service Companies

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Hometown Internet Marketing Becomes HometownLocal, Delivering Local Search Marketing Solutions to Home Service Companies

HometownLocal online marketingJuly 30 – Grand Rapids, MI – Hometown Internet Marketing LLC has become HometownLocal, to better align with today’s changing needs for local digital marketing solutions. Local search is the fastest growing segment of online marketing and HometownLocal continues to develop innovative solutions to meet these needs.

HometownLocal has established itself as the gold standard in lead generation for select home service categories since 2008. Over the past year, HometownLocal has expanded from its lead generation roots to a full suite of online marketing services including website design, reputation management, social media, business listing service, paid search, and lead generation.

The home service categories that HometownLocal specializes in are waste & recycling, home exteriors, demolition, and excavating. A focused approach on specific home services has led to superior marketing results for HometownLocal clients that far exceed what non-specialist, local marketing companies can deliver.

Successful strategy for local search marketing requires a comprehensive approach summed up in HometownLocal’s “Six Building Blocks to Online Marketing Success™”. Read More

Top 5 Advertising Tips – Roofing Business

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The hard part is over; you took the risk to start your own roofing business, now what? You need customers. Without a massive marketing budget, where should you begin? The top 5 advertising tips – roofing business is a good starting point. This is also a good list for a seasoned roofing business that might be looking for additional ideas.

For price comparisons, refer to the dollar signs after each tip, one $ = lower cost.advertising tips - roofing business

  1. Directory Listings (Free – $) – these are online directories like Yellowbook, SuperPages, com and Hometown Roofing, plus many others. You can “claim your free listing” or create a new one. Claiming or creating these listings can take hours and/or days, depending on the amount of time you are willing to invest. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing routinely display these listings, so they are important. Complete as many of these listings as possible. Tip – you can hire a business listing service to populate these listings at a reasonable cost and they maintain the listing. Read More

Phone Tips For Roofing & Demolition Contractors – Don’t Be a Turtle

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Do you have a professional voice mail message for your roofing or demolition contractor business? If not, you may be losing a great chance to make a great first impression. roofing & demolition contractors - phone tips

Just like your phone answering techniques you’ll want to create a friendly, yet confident voicemail message. Here is a sample voice mail you can tailor to your business:

“Hello. Thank you for calling ABC Roofing. We are sorry that we are unable to answer your call at this moment, as we are helping another customer. Please leave your name, telephone number and a brief description and we will call you right back. Thank you and have a great day.” Read More

How Much Does Demolition Advertising Cost?

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We hear this question quite often from demolition contractors. It usually goes something like this, “I would like to advertise online, but I don’t have a large budget or I’m not sure it is worth it”. Online advertising can be a bit scary, especially if you haven’t had the time to research available options. Many small businesses typically don’t have tons of cash lying around for their marketing budgets and with what money they do have, they certainly don’t want to waste it.Demolition Online Advertising

This article will help sort out available options and to raise your level of online advertising knowledge.

Online advertising falls into a few categories, such as:

Paid Search Advertisements (AdWords) – Google, Yahoo, and Bing

These are small advertisements that show up on the top and side of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) based a searcher’s query.  The price is based on a bidding model; you compete for placement on the page. The higher you are willing to bid per click, the more likely a searcher will land on your website. Read More