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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google AdWords

By February 20, 2017February 24th, 2017Google AdWords, Online Advertising

Finding new customers has changed remarkably in the last few years. Customers no longer want to invest a lot of time searching for you or your services.

The solution, the Google search engine. This tool has made this process much easier and certainly less time-consuming. Google has no equal in understanding what searchers are looking for, it borders on the creepy when you type in a few letters and it seems to almost read your mind by offering up potential suggestions. This “artificial intelligence” phenomenon is just getting started.Google AdWords Example

If you haven’t embraced Google AdWords, I have one simple question for you – “why the heck not?”. This question may seem provocative, but the only real reason I can think of is that you already have enough business or zero desire for growth. I hardly think many businesses fall into this category so consider 5 reasons to add AdWords and get more new customers.

  1.  It Works!  Google AdWords Increases Customers and Leads

Google AdWords allows you to target only customers who have an interest in your services and reside in your service area. This eliminates the “spray and pray” marketing strategy that has consumed a large portion of your advertisement budget in years past. How effective is AdWords? We know AdWords is the fuel to Google’s bottom line, period. They wouldn’t be a goliath company if this service was ineffective…enough said, it works! As A Google Partner, we manage AdWords for many customers just like you and they see the results daily.

  1.  Fast, Transparent Results

Did I mention Google AdWords is FAST! Start a Google AdWords campaign today and see results tomorrow. The speed and targeting flexibility allows you to get your advertisements in front of the right customer, during a period when the customer is deciding on service providers. Google calls this the “Zero Moment of Truth” or ZMOT. This moment is defined as the exact moment when someone decides to engage with your company or not. If your company isn’t present in this ZMOT phase, then…well, you know the answer. Thus, incremental sales improve as you’re able to present the right offer at the right moment to the right customer.

  1.  Tighter Control Over Your Advertising Budget

You decide on how much you want to spend each month. This budget can go up, down, or stay the same depending on how busy you are. This control gives you peace of mind, no surprise advertising costs. Your accountant and your bottom line will love you.

  1.  Much Faster Than Traditional SEO

Building organic trust to your website through traditional SEO tactics should be part of your overall marketing strategy. The major challenge is the exorbitant cost and it’s painfully slow. Aside from this, your goal should be to have visibility in both organic results (using traditional SEO methods) and the paid advertisement section on a Google search results page. Why? Customers use both interchangeably, thus you need to be visible in both locations.

  1.  Beat Your Competition

Your competitors may be using Google AdWords today and taking potential customers away, the good news, most are probably not. This is also a great opportunity for you to level the competitive playing field with competitors currently using AdWords and beating out competitors who are not. Another good reason, Google AdWords allows you to compete evenly with the “big outfits” in your area. You know these companies well; they seem to be everywhere.

  1. (Bonus) Save Money by Using a Google Partner

Many businesses have set up their own AdWords campaign in the past with great success. Today, the Google AdWords platform is daunting, there areGoogle Partner Badge for HometownLocal.com many ways to set up a campaign for success. Alternatively, there are many ways to set up a campaign that erodes budgets quickly with marginal results. The platform is an awesome tool to get the desired results, but to the novice user, it can be challenging. Let an expert manage your AdWords campaign and continue doing what you do best, running your business.

In summary, you may offer the best service, the best price, and ultimately the best customer value, but if potential customers cannot find you then being “the best” really doesn’t matter.