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5 Advantages of Working with a Certified Google Partner

By February 3, 2016Google AdWords, Paid Search

Certified Google Partner Badge for HometownLocalHometownLocal is well known for generating quality sales leads, but did you know that HometownLocal is a Certified Google Partner? So what is a Google Partner, and why should you care? A Google Partner is a trusted digital agency that Google has reviewed and certified in AdWords and other online advertising solutions (YouTube, Display, Mobile and Video). Google Partner status isn’t easily obtained; digital agencies must demonstrate expert knowledge and pass rigorous certification exams. Partners must demonstrate this expertise across multiple accounts over time. Partner status is maintained by ongoing training, best practices, and yearly exam requirements.

What are the advantages of working with a Google Partner? Here are 5 compelling reasons to trust your AdWords budget to a Google Partner:

  1. Certified Account Managers – Certified Account Managers are experts in the keyword search strategies that lead to increased business. As a leader in the home service industry, HometownLocal’s Certified Account Managers also understand how your business operates. And, millions of potential customers visit HometownLocal’s consumer websites annually.
  2. Higher “Quality Scores” – Just as they do with organic search results, Google calculates a Quality Score, a variable used to determine both rank and Cost Per Click (CPC). A higher Quality Score means a higher rank in a given search query. If an advertisement’s landing page Quality Score is high, then Google rewards that advertisement with more impressions and a lower CPC. HometownLocal has the expertise to match the advertisement with a landing page, thus improving your ROI (return on investment).
  3. Synergy & Profitability – HometownLocal and Google share your desire to succeed with AdWords. The positive results should be easily recognizable.  Simply put, you should expect to see more targeted traffic visiting your website and increased profitability. As a Google Partner, HometownLocal’s accounts are continuously reviewed to ensure high Quality Scores, good conversion rates, and customer satisfaction. HometownLocal works with clients to maximize all of the benefits of a campaign by ensuring that ads, keywords, and landing pages are matched with the appropriate target market.
  4. Testing & Quality Control – Google Partners are required to show multiple advertisements for individual groups of keywords, called ad groups. This allows a feedback mechanism to ensure Partners are testing the outcomes of different advertisements. HometownLocal works closely with clients to understand their goals and to match the advertisement messaging accordingly. Google encourages this level of service by investing in many analytic tools provided to Partners.
  5. Innovation – Google is continually improving AdWords and related search services (YouTube, Mobile, etc.). These improvements first start out in a beta format. Partners have access to Google’s beta features up to a year before the feature is rolled out to non-partner accounts. This can be an enormous benefit for businesses that operate in very competitive markets. Imagine getting to use a new beta solution a year in advance!

A Google Partner must maintain the strict standards set by Google or risk losing their Partner badge. This ensures a high level of service for all customers using Google AdWords. HometownLocal is dedicated to maintaining our Partner relationship with Google, we also guarantee our customers great service.

Ready to grow your business?  Give us a call to discuss how HometownLocal and Google can make that happen for your business.