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If You Don’t Tell Your Story, Others Will – The Value of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation managementFor small businesses, many positive changes have occurred with the creation of the internet. Today, small businesses can compete with the larger, more established companies. There are some negative things that can happen as well, such as spamming and negative reviews. All of these can influence your online reputation, and this is why you need online reputation management.

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management is a process and strategy that involves monitoring, finding and then influencing the reputation and credibility that you have in the online world. Through good online reputation management you will be able to develop a good reputation thus shaping the online perception of your business.

It’s very important for a business owner or manager to know the health of the business’s online reputation, negative reviews or mentions can bring a hit to sales quickly. Conversely, having a stellar online reputation will allow you to stand above your competitors.

Benefits brought by online reputation management

The first major benefit you get from online reputation management is that you maintain a professional, positive image for your business, something that directly affects the bottom line.

Moreover, with reputation management, you have the opportunity to create a trustworthy and credible business. Responding to reviews, both positive and negative shows your desire to address shortcomings and to improve your service moving forward.  This is critical step while building a long lasting image for your business.

Through reputation management you will also be able to attract customers a lot easier. When potential customers search for online details about your business, this is called the “moment of truth”. If they find good details about your company, great! If they find a poor reputation, well you know the result.

Thanks to online reputation management you also get the opportunity to manage any reputation crisis faster. A few, well placed poor reviews can zap your business image quickly. The bad news, you may not even realize you have poor reviews until it’s too late. Monitoring review sites is a time killer. Some good news, many companies now offer reputation management tools that will help you monitor all aspects of your reputation. These tools can alert you whenever a review is posted or an online mention is created.

Online reputation management also helps with recruiting, because if your business has a good online image, you will be able to attract better, more qualified employees, thus creating a higher quality work force.


As you can see, online reputation management is critically important when it comes to providing a stellar image to your business! From maintaining an immaculate and more appealing image in front of customers to increasing sales and building up your business. Online reputation management has a wide range of benefits, so don’t hesitate and use it to take your business to the next level!