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Phone Tips For Roofing & Demolition Contractors – Don’t Be a Turtle

Do you have a professional voice mail message for your roofing or demolition contractor business? If not, you may be losing a great chance to make a great first impression. roofing & demolition contractors - phone tips

Just like your phone answering techniques you’ll want to create a friendly, yet confident voicemail message. Here is a sample voice mail you can tailor to your business:

“Hello. Thank you for calling ABC Roofing. We are sorry that we are unable to answer your call at this moment, as we are helping another customer. Please leave your name, telephone number and a brief description and we will call you right back. Thank you and have a great day.”

Follow Up Promptly

When a prospective client gets the dreaded voice mail and leaves a message, the waiting game begins. The first contractor to actually return the call promptly, has the edge. If you wait a day or two to respond you will most likely miss your opportunity to quote the job.

Today, you need a smart phone to monitor your emails and voice mails. Potential customers will often send an email with specifics pertaining to their requested service.

Finally, if you tell a client you will get back to them with requested information – do it quickly. In today’s competitive environment, roofing and demolition contractors are competing hard to win the job. The turtle never wins the race in the contracting business, so don’t be the turtle.