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Free SEO Audit Tool – What Can It Tell Me About My Website?

By May 8, 2014November 24th, 2015Local Search, Online Advertising, Online Marketing

Free SEO Audit Tool

Looking for help to increase your local online visibility? Check out our Free SEO Audit Tool, this tool allows you to compare your site to your competitors.

Our SEO Audit tool will give you a score based on how effective your site is optimized for your key phrase and if it displays properly on mobile devices. A high score reflects a better optimized website; a lower score means more work is needed.

Google, Yahoo, Bing along with others search engines use many factors to determined how your web site will rank in their SERPS (search engine results page). Our Free SEO Audit tool uses many factors to come up with your SEO score some of which are:  speed, url, title tag, description tag, image analysis, heading tags, content analysis, code analysis, social analysis, mobile analysis, links, and domain analysis. This tool is not meant to be your End-All Be-All SEO Tool, instead it should be used as a tool to help determine areas where your web site might need action to increase your online visibility.
Why are SERPs Important for my site?

Because the difference between success and failure in your SEO marketing campaign relies on your SERPs positioning.  Consider the following statistics on SERPs:

  •     Online searchers will select a result on the first page of search results 68% of the time.
  •     Online searchers click the number one listing around 40% of the time.
  •     Reaching the first page in paid search can be just as important as in Organic search.

One thing is clear, the higher your search engine results page ranking (SERP ranking), the more traffic you’ll get!

Try our FREE SEO Audit Tool today and see where you can improve your website SEO score!